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-A- a, an abbreviations and acronyms about
around aboveground academic degrees accent marks
acceptable accept access accessible
accidentally accommodate accompany accomplish
according to accumulate acknowledgment act
acting action active vs. passive actually
addresses adequate number of adj adjacent to
adjective ad-lib administration ad nauseam
adopt, approve adv advance advance-purchase tickets
adverb advertise, advertisement, advertising adviser affect, effect
affirmative action afford an opportunity African American agencywide
agenda ages aid AIDS
align all, any, most, some all of allot, allotted, allotting
allow all right all-round almost all
along with a lot all ready, already already exist
alright alternate Amalgamated Transit Union American Indian
Americans with Disabilities Act among amount, number amount of
ampersand Amtrak and also and, but
an estimated annual annual meeting
anti- anticipate, expect anybody anytime
anxious apostrophe append April Fools' Day
appendixes appropriate approximately argument
arrive ascertain Asian as if
as, like as long as as of now as per
as regards assist assistant Associated Press
assuming that assure as to as well as
ATM at about at all times attain
at the end of at the present time, at this point in time, at this particular time, at this time at the time attempt
attired attorney, lawyer attribution audiovisual
augment auxiliary avenue average of
average person awards awhile


-B- backfill back up backward
bad, badly baloney, bologna barrel bay
because bedrock before begin
belief, believe benefit beside between ... and, from ... to
bi bimonthly biota biweekly
black board board of directors boldface
bona fide both both ... and boulevard
boundary brackets braille brand names
break in bridge British Columbia broadcast
broccoli building Burlington Northern bus, buses
business bus stop by means of byproduct


-C- CAD calendar call letters
cancel, canceled, canceling, cancellation can, may cannot capital, capitol
capitalization committees facilities job titles and descriptions
organizational structure county council programs, projects and plans Capitol Hill
carpool car stop catalog cease
CD-ROM cellular phone, cellular telephone Celsius cement, concrete
center around central business district cents century
chair chairman, chairperson, chairwoman changeable changeover
channel chapter character charts, tables
check up chief child care children's
chinook salmon choice between, choose between cities and towns citizen
citizens band city council citywide clean up
clearly cliché co- coast
coed coho salmon coliform bacteria collective nouns
collide colon coming comma
commitment committee community action grant compact disc
company names comparable compared with compatible
complement complete comply with compose
composition titles compound words conceal concerning
congress congressman connoisseur conscience,
conscious consensus consolidate constitute
constitution construct contact contiguous to
continual contractions control convince, persuade
cooperate Corps of Engineers councilmember county
countywide court decisions courthouse criteria, criterion
criticize crosstown cul-de-sac currently
customary cut and cover cut back cut off


-D- Dad and Mom dangling modifiers dash
data database data processing dates
day care daylight-saving time days of the week daytime
dead end decades decimals decision-maker
deductible deem defendant definite, definitely
delete demolish, destroy demonstrate denote
depart dependent deputy designate
desirable desire desirous of desist
detain determine deterrent dialogue
different differ from, differ with dilemma dimensions
directions and regions director dis- disabled
confined deaf and dumb disease invalid
suffers from unfortunate victim disc
disinterested diskette disseminate distances
districts ditto marks doctor dollars
donate DOS down payment downriver
downtown -drive, drive drive-in dry dock
due to during the time, during the course of


-E- each each other Eastern Washington
ecology ecosystem ecstasy editor
effect many changes effectuate e.g., i.e. either
either ... or, elderly Election Day eliminate
ellipsis e-mail embarrass embayment
employ employee endeavor en route
ensure, insure entitled enumerate environmental impact statement
Environmental Protection Agency equal employment opportunities equally as espresso
et al. etc. euphemisms everyday
everyone evident ex- exaggerate
except for except when exclamation point excessive number of
existence exit numbers exorbitant expedite


-F- facilitate facility facsimile, fax
fact fact-finding factor Fahrenheit
fairly family, genus, species FAQ farebox
far-ranging farther Father's Day feasible
fecal coliform bacteria federal Federal Emergency Management Agency Federal Highway Administration
Federal Transit Administration feedback ferryboat fewer
finalize first-come, first-served firsthand fiscal, monetary
fiscal year fish flammable flex-time
flier floodplain floodwaters floppy disk
fluorescent following follow up foot
forcible forecast foreword former
formulate for the reason that forward for your information
fractions free free-lance front line
fulfill, fulfilled, fulfilling full- full-time equivalent full time
fundamental fund raising, fund-raising, fund-raiser future plans


-G- Garbl Gas Works general manager
get get-together give and take glamour
go-between goodbye good, well good will
government governmental bodies governor grade, grades
grammar grant-in-aid, grants-in-aid grass roots ground breaking
ground cover groundskeeper groundwater group names


-H- half of half-mast, half-staff hanged
harass, harassment has no have an effect on headlines, headings
head-on headquarters height henceforth
her high-occupancy high-tech, high tech highway designations
hillside his Hispanic historic, historical
hit-and-run HIV holidays hold a meeting
home, house home page homosexual hopefully
hors d'oeuvre horsepower host, hosted hot line
however HTML HTTP hygiene
hyphen hypocrisy


-I- idiosyncrasy if and when impact
implement imply in- in addition to
inadvertent including, incur, incurred, incurring
in conjunction with incorporated incur, incurred, incurring indeed
indexes indicate indispensable individual
indoor in fact inflammable in general
initials initiate in, into, in to in lieu of
in most cases innovate inoculate in order to
in place of input, output, throughput inquire inquiry, enquiry
in reference to in regard to in spite of institute
interface inter- in terms of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America Internet International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers in the amount of
in the context of in the course of in the event that in the vicinity of
in view of the fact that irrelevant irregardless island
it appears, it would appear that it is probable it's -ize


-J- jargon jeopardy jewelry
join together judge judgment junior


-K- K kilowatt kind of, sort of
know-how kudos


-L- laid lake last
lay layover law lectern
left off legislative legislature legitimate
leisure lend less than, under liable, likely
liaison liaison license lieu
life cycle life-size lifestyle lift-equipped
light, lighted, lighting lightning light rail likable
likelihood, likely lists literally livable
locality located local of a union located
login, logon, logoff long distance, long-distance long range long-term
longtime lowercase


-M- made a statement magazine names mail stops
mainframe maintenance majority make reference to
manageable manager mandatory maneuver
man-made man manner manpower
many, much marshland masthead materialize
may, might MB media memento
methanol metrics microphone, mike mid
midday middle initials midnight miles
miles per gallon miles per hour millennium minority
minuscule minus sign miscellaneous Miss, Mr., Mrs., Ms.
misspelling mitigate mock-up modifications
money monies Monorail months
monthlong more and more more, most moreover
Mother's Day motion mount mountains
multi- mustache myself


-N- n. names nationwide
near miss, near-miss necessitate negative neither
nevertheless new development newsgroup newspapers
New Year's, New Year's Day, New Year's Eve nickname nighttime No.
nobody non- noncontroversial none
none at all nonmotorized noon no one
non-preventable noticeable not only ... but also noun
number numbers numerous


-O- objective obligated obligation
occasion occur of all office
officeholder off of off- off-peak
off-ramp off-site of major importance OK
omitted on one time, one-time, onetime one of the
ongoing online only on, onto
on-site on the part of operational optimum
or oral Organization of Petroleum organizations
Oriental orientate outgoing over
over- -over overall over and over
overexaggerate oversight


-P- page numbers paradigm parallel
parameter paratransit parentheses partially
part time party affiliation passer-by, passers-by past due
patrol, patrolled, patrolling pavilion PCBs peak hour
people per percent percentages
per diem period period of time permissible
persevere, perseverance persistent personally personnel
pickup pile, piling pileup PIN
pipeline place plain English, plain language planner
planning plans plants playwright
Plexiglas plurals plus point
police, police department policy-maker political parties political divisions
politics portion possess possessives
possibility ppm precede predecessor
predesign prefixes preload premiere
prerogative preplanning prepositions present
presently present preserve president
Presidents Day press pressurized preventative
Primary Metropolitan principle prior prioritize
prior to privilege procedure proceed
professor profit sharing proportions provinces
proviso, provisos pseudonym public public information document
Puget Sound punctuation purchase pursuant to


-Q- quarter question mark questionnaire
queue quotations quotation marks quotation


-R- race railroad rainstorm
ranges rank rank and file rarely
rather ratios re- really
Realtor reason why receive recent
record recommend recur reduced-fare
re-elect, re-election referable refer to as regard
regarding relate relevant religion
religious remain remainder remove
renaissance renown, renowned reoccur repetitious
reproduce request reroute reside
residences resistant restaurateur restroom
result in retain retrofit rhythm
rideshare right-of-way river river bank
road rock 'n' roll roommate room numbers
rooms round trip round up R.S.V.P.
runoff rush hour


-S- sacrilegious scenario scheme
screen saver sea level seasons SeaTac
Seattle-Tacoma second secretary section
secure seizure semi- semiannual
semicolon semimonthly semiweekly senior citizen
sentence separate serve serviceable
set up 7-Eleven sex shall
sharing the same Sheetrock she sheriff
shopworn should shut down shut off
sightseeing, sightseer similar sizable single-occupant
situation -size Skid Road, Skid Row skillful
slide show snowfall, snowflake, snowman, snowplow, snowstorm Social Security software
some of the somewhat SOV species
speeches speechmaker, speechmaking speeds spelling
spell out split infinitives sport-utility vehicle spreadsheet
springtime square stadium, stadiums staff
startup state state names state with confidence
station stationary storm event stormwater
storm weather strategize street sub-
subcommittee subsequently subsequent, subsequent to substitute
succeed successfully sufficient number of suffixes
summertime summon superintendent supervisor
supersede supplement surprise surrounded
symbols syndrome


-T- take action take-home pay take over
task force taxi scrip TDD teammate
tee ball teen telephone temperament
temperatures terminate than, then that, which
their, there, they're there thing this, that, these, those, it
threshold ticketbook till, 'til, until time
time frame time line timetable titles
to a certain degree tomorrow tonight total number
total, totaled to, too, two Touch-Tone toward
to whatever extent toxic trademark trade off
transfer, transferable, transferred, transferring transmission transpire travel, traveled,
trolley trouble call trout try
try out T-shirt TTY tune up


-U- ukulele ultimate UMTA
underlining under the provisions of under way union names
unique United Kingdom United States university names
University of Washington unless or until until until such time
up up- -up uppercase
upriver usage user friendly use up


-V- v valley vanpool
VDT vendor verbs versus
very Veterans via viable
vice versa videocassette video game videotape
Vietnam VIP, VIPs virgule virtually
voice mail


-W- Washington wastebasket was, were
water body Waterfront Streetcar waterway we
weekday, weekend, weeklong weird well went on to say
Western Washington wheelchair whether while
white who who's, whose -wide
wield willful will, would wintertime
withhold with reference to with regard to word processing
workday worker's compensation work force workout
workplace work plan work site workstation
work units workweek worldwide World Wide Web
worn-out worthwhile


-X- Xerox


-Y- year-end yearlong year-round
years yield you your money's worth
your, you're


-Z- zero ZIP code

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