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20th Century Words (review) Abracadabra Acme
Adam's Off Ox Agita Akimbo
Alright/All Right Alternivore Amuck
Armed to the Teeth Assassin Assorted Words
- -athon (suffix) Arms (as building name) Autograph Hound
All She Wrote, That's

Bailiwick Balderdash Ball of Wax
Baloney Banausic Bangs
Bar (Exam) Barbeque Barnburner
Bated Breath Bat Out of Hell B.B.
Bean Counter Beck and Call Beef (Argument)
Beefeater Beg the Question Beguine
Bellwether Berserk Bespoke
Beyond the Pale Biddy Big Apple
Big Wheel Bigwig Billygoat
Bird in hand Blackguard Blackmail
Blacksmith Blancmange Blizzard
Blockbuster Bloody Bloody Shirt
Bloviate Blue Blazes Blue Chip
Blue Laws Blue Moon Blue Ribbon/Riband
Blues, The Blurb Boarding House Reach
Bobby Bob Dole Bodacious
Bogart Bogeyman Boggle
Bogus Bohemian Boilerplate
Boiler Room Bone to Pick Bonfire
Boondocks Boondoggle Boot
Booze Bought the Farm Boxing
Boycott Brass Monkeys Brass Tax
Brand New Bread and Butter Break a Leg
Bridewell Bridge (the game) Broke
"Brook No Quarter" Brouhaha Bubble, on the
Bucket, Kick the Buggy Bulldozer
Bumper Crop Bupkes Buck
Buck Stops Here Building Bullseye
Bulls and Bears Bully Pulpit Bumps Under Nose
Bunco Burton, Gone for a Bus Boy
Bushel and Peck Busker Busman Holiday
Busting Chops Busting Chops Part 2 Butter
Butterfly BVD By and Large

Cabal Cahoots Call the Shots
Candle, Hold a ... to Can of Corn Canuck
Capers Capricious Carat/Karat
Card, He's a real Case Quarter Catbird Seat
Catch 22 Cats and Dogs, Raining Catspaw
Catsup Cattycorner Cattywampus
Chad Charlatan Charleyhorse
Chase, Cut to the Chat Cheesy
Cheapskate Chinese Fire Drill Chip (on shoulder)
Chit Chock full Chortle
Chowder Chowderhead Chum
Churchkey Clam, Happy as a Cliffhanger
Clothes horse Clone Cloud Nine
Cobweb Cock and Bull Cockamamie
Cock A Snook Cockles Cockpit
Cocktail Cohort Cold Turkey
Coleslaw Comprise/Compose Coppish/Capeesh
Corker Cotton (verb) Coventry, to send to
Cracker Crotchety Cumshaw
Continually/Continuously Cool Cooter Brown, Drunk as
Cop Copacetic Copper Fastened
Coppish Coruscating Cottage cheese
Couch (verb) Cowabunga Crazy
Crimeny Cropper, Come a Crowbar
Cry Uncle Cul de sac Cunning
Curates Egg Curmudgeon Curry Favor
Cut and Dried Cut Bait, Fish or Cyberspace

Davy Jones' Locker Daylights Days of the Week
Deadline Deadpan Dead ringer
Decimate Denmark, Something Rotten Derbies
Devil and the deep blue Devil's Advocate Devil Strip
Devious Derivations Demean/Demeanor Deus ex Machina
Dibs Dicks Hatband Die Is Cast, The
Dimple Disaster Discombobulate
Dismal Dite Dive
Dixie Dog and Pony Show Dog Days
Dog, Hair of the Dog in the Manger Doggo, Lying
Dogsbody Dog's Dinner/Breakfast Dog Is Hung, Until the Last
Dog, Putting on the Dogwatch Doily
Dollar Bill Symbols Dolly Doornail, Dead as a
Doozy Dope Double Dutch
Doughboy Doughnut Down (computers)
Draconian Drag Dressed to the Nines
Ducks and Drakes Duck Soup Dud
Dude Dudgeon Dumbledore
Dun Dunce Dungarees
Durance Vile Dutch Treat Dutch Uncle
Dyed in the Wool

Earmarked Eavesdrop Effect/Affect
e.g. and i.e. Eighty-Six English/Body English
Esq. Euchre Eyes Peeled
Exception Proves the Rule

Factoid Fantods Fastfood
Faze Feedback Feist/Feisty
Fell Swoop First Water (Of the) Flummoxed
Four Flusher Frank Free Lunch
Fettle Fib Flabbergast
Flammable Flank Speed Flea market
Fleer Flender Flummadiddle
Flummox Fly by night Flying Colors
Fogey Folly Foolscap
Fortnight Frame Frank & Ernest
Friend in Need Fritz, On The Frog
From Scratch Fudge Fungible
Fusty Fuzz

Gadget Galleywest Galoot
Galoshes Gandy Dancer Garbroth (Mean as a)
Gaslight Gaudy Gauntlet/Gantlet
Gedunk Geek Geezer
Gender-free Pronouns Gerrymander Get One's Goat
Ghost in Machine Gibbous Gig
Gimlet Gimmick Gizmo
Glee Club Glossary Gobsmacked
Goldbrick Golf Golf Terms
Good Books Good Night Goody Two-Shoes
Goofy Goon Gordon Bennett!
Gore Gormless/Feckless Gossamer
Gotham Grain of Salt Grass
Grasswidow Gravitas Green Room
Greyhound Gridiron Gringo
Groom Gry Part 1 Gry Part 2
Gubernatorial Gullible Gumshoe
Gunny Sack Gurney Gussied Up
Guy Gyp

Halcyon Ham Hamburger
Happy as Larry Hara-Kiri Hard Cheese
Hardware Harlequin Hatter, Mad as a
Hat Trick Haywire Head
Hector Heebee Jeebies Hell Bent for Leather
Hell in a Handbasket Hello Hell Sued for Murder
Heyday Hick Highfalutin'
High Jinks Hijack Hillbilly
History/Herstory Hobnob Hobson's Choice
Hocus Pocus Hog on Ice Hogwild
Holiday Books 97 Holiday Books 97, More Honeymoon
Honkytonk Hoodlum Hoodwink
Hookie Hook or Crook, by Hooligan
Hoosegow Hoosier Hoosier Part 2
Hornswoggle Horse Apiece, A Hose
Huckleberry Hullabaloo Humongous
Hunkydory Hustings

Idaho Idaho Part 2 Indian Giver
Indian Summer Idiosyncrasy Infantry
Influenza In line/On Line 2 Inscrutable
Ishkabibble Its

Jackleg Jack O'Lantern Jackpot
Jakebrake Jaybird, Naked as a Jaywalk
Jig Jimmies Jingo
Jinx Jeep Joe (coffee)
Joshing Jubilee Jumbi
Jumbo Jump the Shark Jury rig

Kangaroo Kangaroo Court Katie Bar the Door!
Kefuffle Kemosabe Kewpie
Kibosh Kick over the Traces Kick the Bucket
Kiosk Kit and Caboodle Kludge

Lagniappe Lam Lame Duck
Landscape Lapidary Larruping
Lazy Susan Lead Pipe Cinch Leg, Pulling Your
Level Playing Field Life of Riley Like Flies
Limelight Line in the Sand Lobby
Loggerheads, At Lollygag Long in the Tooth
Loon, Loony, Lunatic Loop, Knocked for a Lukewarm

Macaroni Mafia Maggot
Magnanimous Malapropisms Malarkey
Marmalade Maroon Mascara
Maverick Mawkish Mayhem
Mayday Melting Pot Mesmerize
Mickey Finn Miffed Mind Your Ps & Qs
Mistletoe Moggies Momentarily
Mondegreens Monty, The Full Mook
Moot More so Mosaic
Moxie Mufti Mug
Mullet (haircut) Mulligan Murphy's Law
Mush Music, Face the Mustard, Cut the
My Bad Myriad Myrmidon

Name Is Mud Nebbish Neck of woods
Net Word Links Newfangled New York Minute
Nibs Nice Nick of Time
Nightingale Nightmare Nimrod
Nincompoop Nines, Dressed to the No Account
No Bones No Cigar (Close, but) Nonplussed
Nonplussed, Again No Room to Swing a Cat Nose of Wax
Nose Out of Joint Nosey Parker Nuclear (pronunciation)
Nut Nuts (whacked) Nutshell, In A

Octothorpe (# sign) O.K. On Line/In Line
On Point On the Carpet On the nose
Ornery Other Shoe Drops Out of Pocket
Overwhelm Oxymoron

P's and Q's Paddy Wagon Pandemonium
Paraphernalia Pariah Party Line
Peachy Peacoat Peanut Gallery
Pecksniff Pedigree Penguin
Pep Persiflage Petard
Philadelphia Lawyer Phoney Pickled as an Owl
Picnic Pig in a Poke Piker
Pine Pins and Needles Pipsqueak
Pixilated Plaid/Tartan Pleased as Punch
Plugged Nickel Plumber Plus Fours
Politics Polecat/Poltroon Polka dot
Pommies Pony Poodling
Poop Deck Pork Barrel Port and Starboard
Posh Posh II Posh, Yet Again
Possum/Opossum Posthaste Potable
Potboiler Pot, Go to Pothole
Proactive Prom Proof of the Pudding
Pug Pundit Pushing the envelope
Put Paid To Pyrrhic Victory

Quack Quid Quintessential
Quirk Quiz QT, on the

Rack and Ruin Racket/Racquet Radio
Raft Ragamuffin Rasher
Real McCoy, The Realtor Reckless
Redd Up Redhanded Red Cent
Red Herring Red Tape Res Ipsa Loquitur
Rhubarb Riddle Right (vs. Left)
Rigmarole Roast or Bake? Rock and a Hard Place
Rockbottom Rodeo Role vs. Roll
Rookie Rosie, Ring Around the Round Robin
Rubber Game Rule of Thumb Rubbering

Sabotage Salad Days Salisbury Steak
Salmagundi Sally Port Salver
Sandbag Sandboy, Happy as a Saunter
Scab Scads Scapegoat
Scapegrace Schneid Scotch (verb)
Scot Free Scotious/Stocious Scut
Scuttlebutt Sea Change Seafaring Terms
Seeded Seedy Segue
Shake a Stick at Shampoo Shanks Mare
Sheeny Sherbet Shiftless
Shill Shrink Shoe-in
Shower (bridal, etc.) Sic Sideburns
Sidekick Silhouette Simoleon
Sine Die Sirloin Sixes and Sevens
Skeezix Skell Skidoo, 23
Skid Row Skin of One's Teeth Skinny
Sleazy Sleep Tight Sleep Tight ii
Slew/Slough Snake Oil Snob
Somersault Sliced Bread Snook, Cock A
Snuck (vs. Sneaked) Snuff, Up to Soccer
Sofa Software Soldier
Soup and Fish Soup to Nuts Soup to Nuts Again
Southpaw Spade, Call a Spam
Spatchcock Specious Spend a Penny
Spondoulick Spendthrift Spick and Span
Spinster Spitting Image Spring
Sprog Spud Square Meal
Stark Naked Stick in the Mud Stool Pigeon
Sty/Steward Stinch Stir Crazy
Stoked Story (of a building) Stove Up
Strawboss Streaking Stump
Stumped Sub Rosa Succotash
Sundae Sunshower Surcee
Svengali Swannee Swashbuckler
Swindle Swoop, One Fell

Tacky Take the Biscuit Talking Through One's Hat
Tarmac Tattersall Tattoo
Tawdry Taxicab Tchotchke
Teetotaler Teddy Tenterhooks
Thanksgiving Words Thimblerigger Three Sheets
Ticket, That's the Tie One On Tinker's Damn
Tip Toast (to propose a) To Boot
Tongue, cat got your? Tonto Topnotch
Touch and Go Tout Towhead
Trenchcoat Truck Tump
Turncoat Turnip Truck Tutu
Tweak Twee Twenty-Three Skidoo
Two Cents Worth Tycoon

Umpire Uncle, Bob is Your Upshot
Utopia Uxorious

Vacation Vet Vig/Vigorish

Wagon, on the Wainscot Wales
Washer Watch Well Heeled
Welsh Rabbit Wet Behind the Ears Wheel and Deal
Whinge White Elephant Whippersnapper
Whistle, Clean as a Whole Nine Yards Whole Nine Yards Again
Widget Widow's Peak Widows' Weeds
The Willies Wimp Wonk
Wooden Nickels Wop Word-a-day
Work Cut Out Wreak


Yahoo Yankee Yard
Yawn Yen Yuletide


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