habit see also Kicking Habits and Footing the Bill
hackers and sabotage see also Cooking Up a Story
hackles, raising people's
hackney horses, coaches, andlicenses see also Monkeywrencheshaggling
Hail Caesar!
hair, in our see also Letting Our Hair Down...Hair of the Dog
haircut, get a
hairy, feeling
Halcyon Days and Serendipity
halkyons (Ceyx and Acolus)
hallucinations, delirium tremens (d.t.s.)
Hand over Fist see also Heels Over Head in Love
hand over hand see also Learn the Ropes...The Bitter Endhand, dead man's
hand, getting out of
handbasket, in a
hands down
hands, throw up your see also Hand over Fist, Manual on Management & Upper Hands, Chagrined, Roughshod, and Hands Down, Washing Hands and No Soap, Right Hand Man Gives Right Arm, and Hands-On Testimony
handsome, changes in meaning ofHands-on Testimony
handwriting on the wall, biblical origins of
hang out, letting it all
hang, draw, and quarter
Happiness is...
Harassment...Hares...Harum Scarum
hard up, nautical origin of phrasehardball
Harley-Davidson (hog)
Harry, Dirty (make my day)
harsh leather (chagrin)
harum scarum
hat, brass
hatchet job see also Burying the Hatchet and an Ax to Grind
hatchet, burying the see also The Big Tease
haute couture or cuisine
Having a Bite
having a cow
Hay! Hay! Hay!
Hazards...Tobacco...Pipe Dreamshead (as in lavatory)
head over heels
head over turkey
head to head
head, hitting the nail on thehead, maggots in the
head, swollen or big
healthy see also Knee Jerk Response, Clean Bill of Health
Heart in Mouth...On Sleeve...Cockles see also Pour Favor
heart in the right place seealso Pour Favor
heart of a chicken
heart strings see also Pour Favor
heart to heart talk see also Pour Favor
hearts, stout
heave-ho, give the
heaven in a wheelbarrow, go toheaven, seventh
Heavens to Betsy! exclamationheckle
he-cows or bulls (obscenities)Heels Over Head in Love seealso Hand over Fist
heels, kick up one's (equestrian origins of phrase) see also Football and Kicks
Helios, colossal representation ofhell on wheels
hell to pay
Henpecked Pecking Order, the
Henry IV, King and promises of chicken
hero (sandwich)
Herrick, Margaret (Uncle Oscar)Hey Rube!
hey, euphemism for hell
hicks and hayseeds
hide, tan their
high hand, changes in meaning ofhigh off the hog see also Pigging Out and A Hog on Ice
high tail it
high tide, at
hill of beans, amounts to a
hints and buzzes (putting bugs in peoples' ears) see also see also Going Apiary, In One Ear, Fly on the Wall at the Flea Market, A,and The Walls have ears...Mum...Sub Rosa
hip cats see also The Cat's Pajamas and the Bees Kneesand Raining Pet Peeves
hippies and Beats
Hippocrates and nude sports
history of tobacco controversieshit rock bottom
hitch our wagon to a star (Emerson) see also Star Warsand A Star's Itinerary
Hitchcock's forte
Hitting Close to Home
hitting the nail on the head
hoagie (sandwich)
hobre de bigote (bigots?)
hog on ice see also Pigging Out, What's Eating You?, Pork Barrels and Lining Pockets
hog, go the whole see also Pork Barrels and Lining Pockets andA Hog on Ice
hog, high off the see also Pigging Out and A Hog on Ice
hokum see also Bunkum...Bunk
hole, in the
Holistic Health see also Knee Jerk Response, Clean Bill of Health, Kicking Habits and Footing the Bill, and Follow the Bouncing Bill
Holy Mackerel and Heavens to Betsy
Holy Moly exclamation
home is where the heart is
home, there's no place like
homeopathic principle (likes are cured by likes)
Honchos, Top Bananas and VIPs
honest injun
hook, line and sinker
hoops and buckets (basketball)Hoover, Herbert (promises of chicken)
Horatio Alger story
Horns of a Dilemma, The see also Sheepskin Alert and Scapegoat...Capricious
Horse Power see also Horseplay and Straight from the Gift Horse's MouthHorseplay see also Horse Power and Straight from the Gift Horse's Mouth
horsepower see also Horseplay and Straight from the Gift Horse's Mouthhorse's mouth, straight from thesee also Horseplay and Horse Power
hot air (bunk)
hot air, full of
hot dog, changes in meaning ofhot pitch, devil to pay and (original phrase)
hour (60 Minutes)
hour, the eleventh (Biblical origins of phrase)
house, set thine in order (Biblical origin)
housewives and hussies
How Ridiculous
How the Ball Bounces
humble pie, eating
humbug see also Baaa Humbug
humerus (funny bone)
Humorous Stuff see also Temper, Temper and Testing One's Mettle
humors see also Temper, Temper and Testing One's Mettle
hunk (euphemisms for woman) seealso Call Me Madam, Woman, and Breadstuffs, Lords, Ladies, and Duffs