W. C. (water closet)
wagon to a star, hitch our(Emerson) see also Star Wars and A Star's Itinerary
wagon, on the
Waiting for Oneswalk the chalk
Walker, Felix (boring discourses)Wall Street bulls and bears
wall, fly on the
wall, off the
Walls Have Ears...Mum...Sub Rosasee also In One Ear and Fly on the Wall at the Flea Market, AWar Brass, the
Warhol, Andy (15 minutes of fame)warm the cockles
warp and the woof
Washing Hands and No Soap seealso Greasing Palms with Subsidies and Smoothing the WayWashington Irving (almighty dollar)
water closet
water wagon, go on the
water, in low
water, of the first
waters, fishing in troubled seealso Fishy Matters, Treading Water, The Cat's Pajamas and the Bees Knees,Pour Favor, and Watergating
waters, pour oil on troubled
wax, the whole ball of
waxing eloquent
Wealthy Commonwealth
Wearing of the Green
Weasel Words
weather eye open, keep a
Webster's contribution
wedding see also Getting One's Irish Up
weighing scales
welfare, changes in meaning ofWellington, the Iron Duke of
Western sandwich
Westinghouse and Edison (AC/DC)wetting your whistle
whammy (jinxes)
What the hey?
what's cooking'
What's Eating You? see also A Hog on Ice
what's the stink really all about?
What's up doc?
wheelbarrow, go to heaven in awheeler dealer
wheels, greasing the
When Push Comes to Shove
when the chips are down
whipping boy
whipping uppity women (tribal customs)
whiskers, the cat's see also Raining Pet Peeves
whiskers, the sardine's
whiskey, the real McCoy
whistle, wetting your
White Castle (burgers)
white lies
whitemal and blackmal
Whole Cloth...Spinning Yarnswhole hog, gone see also Pork Barrels and Lining Pockets andA Hog on Ice
Whole Thing, The
Whopper (burgers)
wieners and wienerwurst
wigs, big powdered (powerful people)
Wild Goose Chase...Cook Ones Goose
wild horses couldn't drag us, equestrian origins of phrase
William Kemler (electric chair)Wimpeyburgers
Winfield Scott, General (Great Scott!)
wing it
wings, different political
wings, the pigs
wire, down to and under
Without a Prayer
wits, living by your
wolf from the door, keeping thewolves, thrown to the
woman see also Call Me Madam, Breadstuffs, Lords, Ladies, and Duffs, and Oh, You Beautiful Doll...
woman, euphemisms for see also Call Me Madam, Woman, and Breadstuffs, Lords, Ladies, and Duffs
wonders, nine days'
wood, cow's
woof and the warp
Wool Over Eyes...Big Wig...Hoodwink
words, eating your (remorse)
working class
working class snobs
working the growler
workout (ringer)
world, dog-eat-dog
worth a red cent / rap /tinker's damn, not
worth one's salt (salaries)
wreck and rack
wrench, throwing a monkey seealso Monkeywrenches and KiboshesWright, Harry (consummate professional)
Write On!
writer, ghost
wrong side of bed, getting up onwrong track, on the
WTO meet, Seattle (Battle Royal)