You have presumably reached here by invoking the URL
<>.  The hypertext version
of MarkIsrael's 1997 AUE FAQ that formerly resided at this URL has been
discontinued in favor of a hypertext version that is easier for me to
maintain.  You can reach the new version by clicking here.

If there are features in the discontinued version that you particularly
like and would like to see incorporated in the new version, please let me
know.  I'll consider incorporating them if they fit in with the
procedure I use to keep the FAQ and the FAQ excerpts updated.

I will be preparing a document that describes the procedure I use to
maintain the hypertext FAQ and the FAQ excerpts.  The document will
probably be ready to release in the next week or so.  (Today's date
is 5 December 2000.)  When it is ready, I will install a pointer to
it in the AUE FAQ Supplement under the "Miscellany" heading at

If you would like a copy of the discontinued hypertext file, you can send a
request by e-mail to <[email protected]>>.  I'll send
copies to as large a number of requesters as does not exhaust my will to
continue sending.  Bear in mind, though, that the FAQ at the AUE Web site
is frequently updated, either by providing new URLs for ones that become
obsolete, or by inserting pointers to new supplementary information about FAQ