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Sound samples, Markus and Skitt

by Bob Cunningham

I've prepared a sound file with the following sequence of pronunciations:

Speaker Word
Skitt father
Markus father
Skitt bother
Markus bother
Skitt caught
Markus cart
Markus caught

Click here to hear the file.

When you listen to it, note the great contrast between Skitt's 'caught' and Markus's 'caught' ([kOt]) and the strong similarity of Skitt's 'caught' to Markus's 'cart' ([kA:t]).

Note also that the first vowel in Skitt's 'bother' doesn't sound at all like the one in Markus's 'bother' (['bA.D@]), but it does sound quite similar to the one in Markus's 'father' (['fA:D@]) and 'cart'.

(Markus's pronunciation of 'father' is rather rapid, but it's the best I could find. I think the vowel sound is still discernible enough.)