The fast-access FAQ

Mark Israel's AUE FAQ (September 1997), adapted for fast access by Bob Cunningham
updated by Bob Cunningham and Mike Barnes.

This FAQ has 220 topics on 220 separate pages. Each link below takes you to one of those pages. If you'd prefer to have the same information all on one long page (about 450Kb), go to the big FAQ. See also the FAQ Supplement and Places to find FAQ documents.

The FAQ is not cast in stone. If you'd like to contribute a revision or an additional page, you're very welcome to do so. Usually it's best to post your text to the newsgroup in the first instance, so that others can offer comments and suggestions for improvement. Then please send your contribution to the webmaster.

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The fast-access FAQ

This fast-access FAQ was created from Mark Israel's AUE FAQ (September 1997) by Bob Cunningham.

Some excerpts contain updates (mainly to URLs) added by Bob Cunningham and Mike Barnes. Updates are bracketed, indented, italicised, and coloured:

Mark's words look like this.

     [Words that aren't Mark's look like this.]

     [Bracketed dots replace URLs that are known
     to be no longer valid.]