Books on "bias-free"/"politically correct" language

by Mark Israel
     [This is a fast-access FAQ excerpt.]
Rosalie Maggio  The Bias-Free Word Finder: A Dictionary of
Nondiscriminatory Language  Beacon, 1992, ISBN 0-8070-6003-8
Nigel Rees  The Politically Correct Phrasebook: What They
Say You Can and Cannot Say in the 1990s  Bloomsbury, 1993,
ISBN 0-7475-1426-7
Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf  The Official Politically
Correct Dictionary and Handbook  Villard, 1993, ISBN
0-679-74944-6  (This book should be consulted with care.
Anything attributed to "The American Hyphen Society" is in fact
satire made up by friends of the authors.)