About Autism and Daniel McGrath

by Catherine McGrath

Daniel McGrath is a young man (born 1981) who has autism.* He is brilliant in many areas - he read at age two, wrote at two-and-a-half, and did math work at age three. However, Daniel is still very disabled, and needs support services in many areas of his life.

He is an avid subscriber to AUE, and it is one of his main pleasures in life. It actually serves as a lifeline of sorts: when he has a problem with words or language, he can and does ask for help by posting his questions on AUE.

In times of frustration or depression, he will post rather strange messages. This is not done intentionally to annoy anyone. We hope people will try to understand Daniel's limitations and only respond when they can help answer his genuine questions.

* Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder, meaning that it affects every aspect of one's life. It is a lifelong disability. People with autism have difficulties of varying degrees in the areas of communication, socialization, and behavior. They can also suffer from depression and other psychological problems.