Edinburgh Boink

16 August 2004

Report by Katy Jennison

The first (as far as we know, and unless a meeting between just two people can be classified as a boink, in which case it's the second) Edinburgh boink was held on Monday 16 August in the garden of the Pear Tree in West Nicolson Street.

Present (in order of arrival) Katy Jennison, Chris Malcolm, and Django Cat, later joined by Katy's husband David Colbourne. Mike Barnes was sadly missed.

Drinks consumed: whisky (Famous Grouse), Guinness, gin-and-tonic, bitter (BrE beer), water, not necessarily in that order.

Topics discussed: the parlous state of Scottish Opera, the ditto of university staffing, the possible uses of AI in language teaching, the restoration of Alexandra Park in Oldham, the potential for making large sums by letting out rooms in Edinburgh during the Festival, the likelihood of getting fit by walking up and down Edinburgh's hills, and the merits of Agent as a newsreader. And lots of other topics which at present escape me.

Boink photo 1

Boink photo 2