Oxford Boink

28 August 2004

Report by Katy Jennison

We attenders had to guess who people were, so I don't see why the rest of you should have it any easier. Match the faces with the following: Laura, Robin Bignall and spouse Jeanne, Mikes Lyle and Page with the latter's spouse Deborah, Katys Edgcombe (as a disembodied presence) and Jennison (corporeally), Paul Wolff and spouse June, Jacqui and spouse Ian and sprog Toby. As a special concession I'll reveal that I'm not in any of the pics. Sheep were in evidence, but only cooked.

In case anyone is wondering, the first picture in the set is entitled "This Is Not A Sausage-Roll".

Boink photo 1: 'This is not a sausage roll'

Boink photo 2

Boink photo 3

Boink photo 4

Boink photo 5

Boink photo 6