Michael Hamm speech examples


Webmaster's note: The text below and the sound recording were created by Michael Hamm in order to assist a discussion in the newgroup.

I made this recording on November 3, 2003, with the aid of a very helpful professor in the Psychology Department at Washington University, Mitchell Sommers. (Thanks, Dr. Sommers!)

The text I recorded is:

Can a cat man a catamaran?

Merry Christmas! Mary Christmas will marry Christmas day.

Come to calm.com!

It's a long time, and I mean long.

Where's Nancy?

Who's "Nancy"??

I teach Ferdinand the calm cat to fetch cold cups of coffee. Who knows more about tasting things? He's used the book.

Mary dear, make me merry. Say you'll marry me.

I was born in 1978. I lived in New York City until the summer of 2002, when I moved to University City, Missouri, USA.