Scoring: Herdwicks

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The Herdwicks were the most complex (and interesting) part of the scoring system. Anyone who earned a Cormo - by being the first person to answer a regular question correctly - could also be in line for one or more Herdwicks. What determined the number of Herdwicks (if any) awarded was how many hours there were between the question being asked and the answer being posted. The longer the time, the harder the question was judged to be, and the more Herdwicks there were. After one day, 24 Herdwicks were clocked up. For the second day the rate dropped to one Herdwick per two hours, and for the third day the rate was one Herdwick per four hours, then eight hours, etc. Most questions were answered quite quickly - this was mostly due to the entrants being so damned smart, but also because the panel occasionally threw in a clue, and at that point the Herdwick counter was reset to zero. Each Herdwick is worth one point.

John Rickard

115 Herdwicks

Gwen Lenker

75 Herdwicks

Aaron J Dinkin

57 Herdwicks


52 Herdwicks

Jerry Friedman

47 Herdwicks

Dan Karp

37 Herdwicks

John Holmes

27 Herdwicks

Mark Brader

3 Herdwicks

Alex Chernavsky

3 Herdwicks

Jens Brix Christiansen

3 Herdwicks

Tom Deveson

3 Herdwicks

Richard Fontana

3 Herdwicks

Tim Coleman

2 Herdwicks

Paul Draper

2 Herdwicks


2 Herdwicks

John O'Flaherty

2 Herdwicks

Mark Barratt

1 Herdwick

Brian Griffin

1 Herdwick

Frances Kemmish

1 Herdwick

Richard Ragan

1 Herdwick

Peter Ringeisen

1 Herdwick

Some other interesting time-related factoids:

Median answer time: 60 minutes 6 seconds
Shortest answer time:

Dan Karp, 1 minute 50 seconds (question 94).

No doubt Dan actually knew the answer to this one, but it's hard to ignore the fact that this question (otherwise known as question 93 #2) had the answer in its subject line, so was pretty easy

Shortest answer time without the answer being in the question: Gwen Lenker, 2 minutes 8 seconds (question 73)
Longest answer time, and therefore the highest number of Herdwicks: Aaron J Dinkin, 9 days 12 hours 24 minutes (question 30)
The nearest miss: Mark Brader, 27 seconds behind Alec Horgan for question 65


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