What happens now?

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Nothing much. In about 9 - 10 months, we'll assemble a Totally Official Panel, and in about 10 - 11 months, we'll post some teasers. After that, the Totally Official aue Summer Doldrums Competition will begin!

If you have an original question that somehow falls within the charter of aue, and you would like it included in the Totally Official aue Summer Doldrums Competition, please send it (along with all appropriate references and authorities) to

ThePanel (at) totally-official (dot) com

We will need Panellists from all English speaking time zones! If you want to be on the Panel (which is no small undertaking), please submit your credentials to

EmploymentOffice (at) totally-official (dot) com

If you want to be a Sanity Checker, please submit your credentials to

NitPicks (at) totally-official (dot) com

In the meantime, we'll leave you with a few things to consider. These are NOT part of the competition, but rather something to enjoy...

Examine the photograph below (taken and contributed by intrepid aueBC Matti explicitly for consumption and enjoyment by our newsgroup - thanks, Matti!).

photo of English countryside

Note that this photograph captures a locale somewhere in England. Enjoy the pastoral splendour of the English countryside for a moment! Further note that this locale has been the topic of several threads in several language newsgroups. Please name this locale, providing as much background and detail as appropriate.

Can you name it?

...Mammals' spleens, as some would say,
And other in an olden day,
Behind the vestibule, yet not
Among the cups and coins by lot...

What does this mean? The complete Codex is given at



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