Pronunciation of newsgroup contributors' names

by Mike Barnes, from an idea by Nobuko Iwasaki

This page shows names as their owners pronounce them. Other people, especially those with different regional influences, might pronounce them differently. If your name's not here, see the "Contributing" section at the bottom of this page.


 Pronounced  An informal representation of pronunciation that many native English speakers find informative, though it is open to misinterpretation. If in doubt, consult the other columns.

 ASCII IPA  See the brief guide to ASCII IPA or the ASCII IPA index page.

 Sound files  Click on either link to listen to the person speaking their name. The MP3 link is recommended because the file is much smaller. Upgrade your browser to play MP3 files at MPEG.ORG.

 Photo  Click on the link to see a photo and possibly further information in the AUE Photo Gallery.

Name Pronounced ASCII IPA Sound files Photo
Reinhold (Rey) Aman "RINE-hold (RAY) AHM-Ahn" 'raInhold reI 'AmAn [MP3] [WAV] [Photo]
Robert Bannister "ROB-uht BAN-istuh" 'rA.b@t 'b&nist@   [Photo]
Mike Barnes "MIKE BAHNZ" maIk bA:nz [MP3] [WAV] [Photo]
Dr Robin Bignall "DOK-tuh ROB-in BIG-nuhl" 'dA.kt@ 'rA.bIn 'bIgn@l   [Photo]
Padraig Breathnach Click here. 'pOrIk 'br&n@x [MP3] [WAV] [Photo]
Jitze Couperus "JIT-see coo-PAIR-us" 'dZItsi kup'E:r@s [MP3] [WAV] [Photo]
Aaron J. Dinkin "ARRuhn jay DINK-in"

'&r@n dZeI 'dINkIn

R H Draney "AR AITCH DRAY-nee" ar eItS 'dreIni    
Franke "FRANG-kee" 'fr&Nki [MP3] [WAV]  
Jerry Friedman "JAIR-ee FREED-muhn" 'dZE:ri 'fri:dm@n    
Nobuko Iwasaki "NOB-oo-ko EE-wa-Sak-ee" 'nA.bUkA. 'iw&,s&ki [MP3] [WAV]  
Dena Jo "DEEN-uh JOE" 'din@ dZoU   [Photo]
Evan Kirshenbaum

"EH-vihn KER-shihn-bahm"

'EvIn 'kRSInbAm

Matti Lamprhey

"MATT-ee LAM-pree"

'm&ti 'l&mpri

Sara Moffat Lorimer

"SAIR-uh MAH-fuht LOR-im-Mer"

'sE:r@ 'mAf@t 'lO:rI,mR

[MP3] [WAV] [Photo]
Donna Richoux "DAH-nuh rih-SHOO" 'dAn@ rI'Su    
Charles Riggs "CHARls RIGS" tSArlz rIgz   [Photo]
Harvey Van Sickle "HAR-vee van-SIKL" 'hArvi v&n'sIkl-    
John Varela "JAHN vuh-RELL-uh" dZAn v@'rEl@   [Photo]
Garry J. Vass "GAIR-ee JAY VAS" 'gE:ri dZeI v&s [MP3] [WAV]  
Michael West "MY-kuhl WEST" maIkl- wEst   [Photo]
Raymond S. Wise "RAY-muhnd ESS WIZE" 'reIm@nd Es waIz    

Contributing to this page

The webmaster invites you to contribute to this page.

Why? The more names we have, the better. Even if the pronunciation of your name is so obvious that anyone could work it out from the spelling, we'd still like to see it - this page serves as an interesting and fun exercise for people learning ASCII IPA, and a few easy ones would be greatly appreciated. But as reactions to this page have shown, the pronunciation of many names certainly isn't obvious, especially to many non-native English speakers. Even native speakers have been surprised to discover that the way they'd imagined a name being pronounced was in fact quite wrong, and have been delighted to learn the "proper" pronunciation. It's instructive to see how our preconceptions can lead us astray. The sound files, where available, remove all possibility of error, and provide a personal touch that is missing from a lot of the material in aue.

What? If possible, a sound file of you speaking your name would be an asset to the page. Many people aren't equipped to provide a sound file, but if you are, it's the best possible way of communicating the way your name sounds. Before making a recording, take a quick look at Bob Cunningham's audio recording suggestions. Don't worry too much about the technicalities, as long as the pronunciation is clearly audible when you play the recording back. I have the necessary software to convert just about any audible sound file into a format suitable for publishing on the web.

No sound file? Your contribution is still very welcome. Just write down the pronunciation in the style of the "Pronounced" column above. And, if you know it, the ASCII IPA would be good. If you're not comfortable with the ASCII IPA, I'm quite happy to take responsibility for that side of things.

How? Send your contribution by e-mail to the webmaster.