Communiqué from Garry Vass, mid-June 2001

The Big Apple! I'm hopping the pond to see the fireworks on the 4th and to try the new 3rd floor at the RTR.

An aue boink! aue boink... Lovely words... What a lovely idea! Hope to see everyone!

Here's the deets:
      Sunday, 1 July 2001
      2PM Trump Tower
      725 Fifth Avenue
      (Northeast corner of East
         56th Street and Fifth Avenue)
      New York City

Once inside Trump Tower, the boinker should take the escalator down one floor to the food court area. I can be recognised quite easily from my picture above, and I will be wearing a Totally Official aue Tee Shirt, if I don't forget to bring it (which is at least enough of a probability to mention it). But at least one New Yorker aue civilian has a Totally Official aue Tee Shirt in mint condition, so I might be able to pull some strings in the very worst instance.

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