London Boink

29 December 2001

Pictures taken by Mike Page

The Prince Regent, Marylebone High Street, London W1

Leftpondian Peanut Butter! From left to right: "Jamie", Sharon, Bob, Geoff, Laura
Rightpondian Pickled Walnuts! Prepared by both Mike and Stephen
"Peanut Butter Experimentation". From left to right: Geoff, Graeme, Stephen. The Daily Telegraph's "Frantic Semantics" is a show-and-tell exhibit. Note that Geoff appears nonchalant as he covertly passes a biscuit to "Honeycakes".
"More Peanut Butter Experimentation". Geoff, Graeme, Stephen, Mark, Laura. The orange book in the foreground is a copy of Dr Rey's "Maledicta", a show-and-tell exhibit.
"Even *MORE* Peanut Butter Experimentation". Fabian has a taste. "Jamie" watches closely. Fabian's show-and-tell exhibit, his job offer to relocate to Japan is in the foreground. Barely shown is the book "ABECEDARIUM", yet another show-and-tell exhibit.
Bob, a confirmed Leftpondian and needing no experimentation with Leftpondian peanut butter, demonstrates how it's done. Note that he is discretely passing a biscuit to "Honeycakes", who is under the table.
Graeme chats with Katy, who called to greet the boink. Greets to you, Katy!
The very soul of discretion, Dame Laura sneaks a biscuit to "Honeycakes"! Her "neck orders" are proudly displayed as a show-and-tell exhibit. Aue civilians will also note that her jumper is a reference to her Usenet sig.
Mark renders an opinion on how "Herdwick" should be pronounced whilst discretely slipping a biscuit to "Honeycakes".
Stephen explains that sheep should be Herdwicks and not Seenwicks, whilst feeding a biscuit to "Honeycakes" with adept canniness (as if we didn't know!).
Show-and-tell exhibits not shown: a bouncing boink! People not shown: Mike, who took these pictures.

Also not shown: "Honeycakes", a bashful ewe of the Herdwick variety (and seeking nomination as a would-be mascot) who was suffering from indigestion, and elected to remain under the table during these proceedings.