Las Vegas Boink

13 November 2005

Photo of David and Maria


The Las Vegas mini-boink was held in Caesar's Palace (or is that Cesar's Palace?) on the afternoon of Sunday 13th November 2005.  In attendance were David (the Omrud), Maria Conlon and Maria's husband Brian.  Maria is the one on the right.  Dena Jo was expected but she had car trouble and wasn't able to drive over from Arizona.

After a slightly late start because of an incomplete understanding by one of us of what was the "main entrance", the protagonists found a reasonably quiet bar with a spare table.  Some of us may consider drinks in London to be expensive, but they're nothing on Caesar's Palace.   No matter, a lively and entertaining couple of hours were had by all.  Discussions were wide ranging, including other AUE contributors, the geography of the UK, other AUE contributors, our children (and where we have them, grandchildren), other AUE contributors, the nature of Las Vegas itself, other AUE contributors, and other AUE contributors.  There was probably a lot more discussed which might have been of significant interest but we didn't make any contemporaneous notes and so, M'Lud, that's all we can recall of the proceedings.


  1. Actually, it's "Caesars Palace." No apostrophe -- because it "looks better that way," according to a member of the hotel's meeting/conference staff.
  2. I had no idea the drinks were especially pricey as I, personally, did not pay for any. (That's one of the advantages of being a woman accompanied by gentlemanly gentlemen.)
  3. Did we really spend so much time talking about other AUE contributors? I didn't think so at the time, but looking back, well, I guess we did. Other AUE'ers are easy to talk about because of their varied -- and rich -- contributions to the group. It is a "cocktail party," as someone dubbed it, and more: it is a cocktail party attended by some of the world's greatest wits. Those who find it otherwise usually leave early, bless their hearts.
  4. Thank you, David, for preparing the report.