Boston Boink

25 October 2008

A report on the 25 October 2008 Boston boink was posted to the newsgroup by Fran Kemmish and is reproduced here:

On the evening of Saturday October 25th, Fran, Laura, Garret, Fran's husband and Laura's husband met at Legal Seafoods' Long Wharf restaurant. Fish was consumed (salmon mostly), and wine was imbibed (by Fran and Laura, mostly). Garrett provided the chocolate; Laura provided aue-related gifts.

Subjects discussed included the weather (unseasonably cold); Garrett's hometown, which Laura and Husband had just visited; Frank Gehry's architecture; the current financial situation; tipping; and parking in Boston.

No doubt there were subjects of more importance discussed, but drinking four glasses of wine made them difficult to remember. I do remember that both Garrett and Laura suggested I try Thunderbird for my newsgroup access, and they were right. It took me several days to figure out how to use it - because I refused, for once, to ask my husband for help.

We prevailed upon the waiter to take photographs.

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Laura's husband, Laura, Fran, Fran's husband, Garrett

Fran's husband and Garrett

Chocolate Garrett brought

An example of strange confectionery brought by Garrett

The aue related gift