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Manchester Boink

6 September 2005

A report on the 6 September 2005 Manchester boink was posted to the newsgroup by Laura and is reproduced here:

So we were sat in this caff, see, me and Linz and Mike the Web and that David Ormerod bloke and we had some food and a glass or two but we never wrote no notes or nuffin' and I've been out partying a bit since so my memory's a bit hazy but we had a really good chat about this 'n' that and pink wafer biscuits and we looked at Linz's snaps of her Blokes and we took some of ourselves and out the winder we can see this building being pulled down so we 'ad a look and took snaps and everyone said which bits of Manchester they'd lived in or worked in or whatever and David showed us his Blackberry thingie and that was it really.

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Mike Barnes, Linz (Lindsay Endell), David ("the Omrud"), Laura F. Spira. Subtitled "The black team looking slightly smug after beating the white team by two slices of tomato, two leaves of parsley, one wedge of lemon, one sprig of dill, and a spoonful of capers".

Mike, Linz, David

Mike, Linz, Laura

The entrance to the Manchester University mathematics building, undergoing demolition

A wider view of the maths building