Manchester Boink

9 September 2008

A report on the 9 September 2008 Manchester boink was posted to the newsgroup by David (the Omrud) and is reproduced here:

Boinking was undertaken today at a new Japanese-style restaurant - noodles, sushi, etc. Very good it was, especially at the lunch special price of £4.95 for two courses. I was able to indulge my soup noodles fixation.

In attendance, in order of arrival, were me, Professor Laura, Linz, Mike Barnes and Professor Mike Page. The professors were travelling with their credentials because they were on their way to a Professors' conference. Django Cat had been expected but was too busy humping; I think that's what he said. Despite threats, Rey Aman did not make an appearance. Or if he did, he didn't introduce himself.

Conversations turned around: - renovations, whether of single bedrooms and kitchens, or whole barns; - the first days of school of YoungBloke and Linz's recent acquisition of a House Husband (I think she got him on Ebay); - a small amount of standing business, in the form of "who's in your killfile then, eh?"; - Joanna Lumley in the Arctic, her astonishing accent and her honorary doctorate from Oxford Brookes Business School; - other noodle restaurants in Manchester. It is agreed that Tampopo is Totally Officially The Best, although I am also impressed with Fuzion in Fallowfield; - the fact that Edinburgh is much further north than the bits of Canada where anybody actually lives and that the border between North-West US and Canada is more south than Paris; - the Japanese phone charm and where to stick it. I brought one along in the form of a tiny truck, which caused some entertainment as it has working headlights and a pull & go mechanism which means you can cause it to rush across the table dragging its little chain behind it.

Photos were taken and may be published if they are not too awful. Other participants might remember more.

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Linz, Laura

David, Mike B, Mike P, Linz, Laura