Search Information

by Mike Barnes

The English Usage Site Search feature uses the power of Google to search not only the site, but also several other usage-related sites. It's never been so easy to find the answer to your English usage query. Read about this search compared with other search methods on the Search Suggestions page.

The sites searched are:

  • (of course)
  • John Lawler's English Grammar FAQ
  • Paul Brians' Common Errors in English
  • Garbl's Editorial Style Manual
  • Jack Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style
  • Evan Morris's Word Detective
  • Random House Mavens' Word of the Day
  • Dave Wilton's Etymology Page
  • Michael Quinion's World Wide Words
  • The Yaelf site

For example, if you'd like to know why important people are sometimes called "bigwigs", search on the word "bigwig". There isn't anything on that subject at this site (except this paragraph, of course), but you'll get links to most of the other sites listed above. Click on a link to go directly to the "bigwig" information on the site concerned, by-passing that site's index.