Search suggestions

by Mike Barnes

No single Internet search facility covers every need. If your search for English usage information is producing no hits, or is producing so many hits that you're no further forward, try something different:

English Usage Site Search

The English Usage Site Search is a traditional Internet search facility which works like Google (in fact it's powered by Google). It searches the site and selected other English usage sites. You can combine search words (A and B, A or B, A but not B, "A B", etc). The search makes use of index files that are updated regularly as scheduled by Google. [More information]

AUE Title Search

The AUE Site Map lists the titles of all the pages on this site. You can use your browser's Find facility (usually Ctrl+F) to search that page for any part-word, word or phrase that appears in a page title. If you have a Google Toolbar you can very conveniently search by typing in the search box and clicking on the text in the toolbar.

Google Groups Search

Google keeps an archive of newsgroup postings, called Google Groups. Instead of searching the web you can search postings to alt.usage.english, which contain discussions of many English usage topics, from May 1991 to today. Like the Google Site Search, you can search using multiple words, phrases, exclusions, and many other advanced criteria.

Other places to search

The Links to Language Sites page lists many more relevant sites.

Other newsgroups discuss English usage - you could also search postings to sci.lang or search postings to uk.culture.language.english.