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The Championship. Imagine being one of the few people on the planet who can rightfully say, "I won the Totally Official aue Summer Doldrums Competition". Imagine having the right to place this accomplishment on your CV/resume!

Imagine the thrill of finding yourself on the scoreboard! Earning yourself a place amongst a field of international competitors, and thinking "I was there, I was a part of it".

Imagine that you were there on the starting line in August 2000, when that first [=SDC=] question was posted...

At 5 hour intervals, the [=SDC=] questions came, and soon some broke out from the pack...

Gwen's fierce concentration matched Aaron's determination stride for stride. Both deployed their search engines with brilliant results.

Broggers and Red, with excellent resourcefulness, took some questions to specialist Usenet groups, got their answers and returned to us triumphant (a totally fair technique I might add).

In the end, Aaron claimed the victory. A remarkable performance! Historians will note that Aaron placed 2nd in last year's SDC. Aaron gets a Totally Official aue Tee Shirt (subject to snail verification, legal age, and yada, yada, yada). Further, Aaron joins Mark, Gwen, Truly, and Fabian as a Totally Official Champ. Aaron is awarded...

CircleOfChampions2 (at) totally-official (dot) com

Congrats again to Aaron!

Editor's note: Retiring champ Mark retains CircleOfChampions1 (at) totally-official (dot) com in perpetuity as an email address; and the staff and management at Totally Official dot Com congratulate him for his outstanding conduct during his year as undisputed champion. Further, we congratulate all those who booked during this year's competition.

This editor's note has been brought to you by Totally Official dot Com. Have a splendid September!


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