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They sting... They are insightful... They are funny... Everyone tries, many succeed. They delight us! Some even base their net persona on the snappy comeback.

The "snappy comeback"! It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? This newly inaugurated category acknowledges a finely honed skill in aue: the ability to deliver a knock-out punch with brevity, eloquence, and wit.

Let's look at the contenders. We saw snappy comebacks from Gwen, Truly, Gene, John, Kirsti, Fabian, Simon, Bob, Richard, P&D, Mark, Skitt, and Laura. Flashes of brilliance everywhere. Here's how we saw it...

Fabian, consistent with his persona, was first out of the gate and jumped to an early lead (apparently, even before he knew there was a category). Simon entered the fray, with Mark and Laura following close upon his heels.

Then Truly waded in! Relentlessly, unmercifully, she closed the gap with blistering efficiency.

When the dust finally settled, we rummaged through the bookings and found a dead heat!

Please join us in congratulating the CO-WINNERS of the Snappy Comeback category: Fabian and Truly!

Truly, for a marvelous performance, gets a Totally Official aue Tee Shirt (subject to address verification and yada, yada, yada).

Fabian (who - heaven help us - informs us that his Totally Official aue Tee Shirt has fallen into torn and ragged disrepair, and is in desperate need of a new one) is off to Korea and must first find an address which he can verify. For the nonce, Fabian will receive the much envied

SnappyComebacks (at) totally-official (dot) com

email address. We hope he can put this to good use!

Congrats again to Truly and Fabian!

Editor's note: it has come to our attention that Snappy Comebacks can be hazardous to keyboards, mouse mats, and even articles of clothing. For this reason, we suggest that beverages be placed at a safe distance when reading a Snappy Comeback.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Totally Official dot Com. Have a nice day.


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