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Sportsmanship. The OED tells us that this word means "conduct characteristic or worthy of a sportsman." So much for dictionaries.

What "Sportsmanship" means is looking at an SDC question and knowing you can only get part of the answer. So you share your information knowing that someone else will probably provide the missing parts and claim the Cormo. It also means calling the panel's attention to a cock-up at your own disadvantage.

We foresaw the need for this, and opened this category as an equal to the winner of the competition.

Last year, Donna won this category, and I reckon she's as tough a competitor in the sportsmanship category as they get. But this year, she was on holiday, and left a wide open field.

I recorded one Sportsmanship booking each to Orne, Broggers, Jerry, Bob, and John. Good show, lads!

I recorded two (2) bookings for Richard: One (1) on the field of action; and (1) for identifying and posting the aueBCs. Nice work, Richard.

I recorded a staggering three (3) for Gwen: Two (2) on the field of action; and one (1) for posting the LordSmud URL before she attempted a question.

Result: Gwen receives our admiration, and a Totally Official aue Tee Shirt (subject to snail mail verification, legal age, and yada, yada, yada).

Because Sportsmanship shares equal billing with the competition winners, Gwen joins Aaron and Mark and is also awarded the email address:

CircleOfChampions3 (at) totally-official (dot) com

Congrats to Gwen for a convincing victory in the Sportsmanship category!


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