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A Katahdin is awarded, according to the Totally Official SDC Scoring System, for "special contributions to the competition", or whenever the Panel feels like it. The names below are those people whose Doldrumship above and beyond the call of duty the Panel has thought worthy of recognition.

Rowan Dingle earns points for his show of linguistic legerdemain on Question 6:

>Cars! One car can be acquired by saving one's pennies and one's dimes. The
>other car requires one to save all one's money. Please identify these two cars. 
(a) A coinvertible.
(b) A Dodge taxi. 

Question 10 asked for the modern English term for the Scottish quarter day whose Anglo-Saxon name meant "loaf mass". A scant forty minutes later, Richard Fontana shot back his answer: "Lammas". The Panel determined that the Totally Official correct answer had to include mention of the name actually used for the day most often in modern English (viz., "the first of August" or the like), but in recognition of Richard's Almost Totally Correct answer, he was awarded a Katahdin.

Question 19 offered Extra Credit to anyone who could name "any other modern athletes who have provided eponyms to modern English." The following competitors earned a Katahdin each for their extra effort:

Richard Fontana:

Axel Paulsen; English term "axel". As M-W says: 
Main Entry: axel 
Pronunciation: 'ak-s&l, 'k-
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
Etymology: Axel Paulsen died 1938 Norwegian figure skater
Date: 1930
: a jump in figure skating from the outer forward edge of one skate with 1
1/2 turns taken in the air and a return to the outer backward edge of the
other skate 

Mark Brader:

Dick Fosbury and Axel Paulsen were named. In figure skating alone
there are also Dorothy Hamill (Hamill camel [spin]), Denise Biellmann
(Biellmann spin), Alois Lutz (Lutz [jump]), Ulrich Salchow (Salchow
[jump]), and Brian Boitano ("Tano" jump). 

Evan Kirshenbaum:

Dick Fosbury and his flop, Ulrich Salchow, Kurt Thomas and his flair,
Mitsuo Tsukahara, Natalia Yurchenko, Eberhard Gienger, Alexandra
Timochenko, Mitch Gaylord, Aleander Tkatchev, and probably a bunch of
other gymnasts. I would probably also add Babe Ruth, for "Ruthian". 

Evan also earns a Katahdin for his well-researched, thoroughly argued, and Totally Complete answer to Q26:

The web site for the overall agency in the US, the United States
Postal Service, links to a page titled "Post Office Locator" which
    Here's the place to find a Post Office. 
    Your search starts by entering your street address and
    city. Select the number of miles from your location. In addition,
    you can choose a list or map of the Post Office locations. 
So I'd say that the first is correct. 
On the other hand, they also have a glossary, which says 
    post office (PO) -- The basic organizational unit of the
      USPS. Generally, each post office has primary responsibility for
      collection, delivery, and retail operations in a specific
      geographic area. Each year, these units are categorized by
      revenue and mail volume. 
They also list "post office box", "post office branch", and "post
office station" similarly capitalized. So I'd say that the second is

On Question 39, John O'Flaherty unwittingly hit the correct answer at the same time as he perpetrated a Snappy Comeback in classic style, earning a Katahdin for his finesse:

> Which is preferred these days: "define" or "const"?

Const. Defineipated is too hard to spell.

Although Peter Morris's answer was adjudged Totally Correct, Richard Fontana wins a world-record third Katahdin for being the first person to arrive at the Totally Official right answer for Question 39 by actually understanding the question:

The answer is clearly "const".  "define" -- not to be confused with the C
preprocessor command "#define", which many other responders to this
question seem to have done -- is a keyword in the Lisp dialect Scheme,
which cannot be considered a language that is relatively "preferred these

Joe Manfre scientifically determined that Toughie 5 has taken a trip through Photoshop 3.0 at some point. For his investigative intrepidity, the Panel awarded him with a Katahdin.


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