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Well, here they are: the Totally Official Toughies for the 2001 a.u.e Summer Doldrums Competition! Your task is simple (or is it?): Identify, with the greatest possible accuracy, where each of the following photographs was taken. So what if someone else identifies the city! You can still name the street!

Happy hunting!

T1: Toughie #1: Where am I?
Gwen's answer: On a ferry. Southwest of Alcatraz Island.

T2: Toughie #2: Where are we?
Gwen's answer: Of course, it might also be less than a day's drive from Jack Gavin.

T3: Toughie #3: Where are we?
Rowan's answer: Plaza Real, Barcelona

T4: Toughie #4: Where is it?
Rowan's answer: Northern Hemisphere

T5: Toughie #5: Where are we?
Mark's answer: Paris Hmm. Rue du Rivoli, the north side of the Hotel de Ville


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