K.I.S.S. (Keep It SimpleStupid) see also X Marks thekaput
keep a weather eye open
Kemler, William (electric chair)kemo sabe (Lone Ranger)
Kerouac and Ginsberg (Beat generation)
kettle of fish, pretty see also Fishy Matters
khaki see also Blazers, Cardigans, Bluchers et alkibosh on them, put the
kick up one's heels see also Horse Power and Straight from the Gift Horse's Mouthkickback and payola
Kicking Habits and Footing the Bill see also Follow the Bouncing Bill and Lavish...Extravagant...Buy it on Plastic
kicks from football
Kilroy was here (famous graffiti)kin
King of Rock 'n' roll (Elvis Presley) see also Rock 'n' Roll
kings have long arms (long arm of the law) see also Blue Laws and Feeling Blue, Sweet Talk and Lemons, Attorneys, Shysters et al
Kipling, advice on biting the bullet see also Choosy
kiss and tell see also X Marks the Spot
kiss of death see also X Marks the Spot
kissing symbols (Xs) see alsoRead My Lips
kit and caboodle, the whole
kitchen sink, everything but theKlinger, Corporal Maxwell Q. (of M*A*S*H fame)
Knee Jerk Response, Clean Bill of Health see also Holistic Health, Kicking Habits and Footing the Bill, Lavish...Extravagant...Buy it on Plastic and Follow the Bouncing Bill
knee, break a
knees, the bees
Knickerbockers, New York seealso Playing Hardball and Making Sacrifices
knot, tie the
know it cold
know the ropes

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