This file has been adapted with permission,
by the addition of a self-contained letter index,
from one that was compiled and edited
by Melanie Doulton

The file is intended to be echoed at the alt.usage.english Web site.  The reason for doing this is so that words in it will be picked up by the index generators for the search engines that are provided at this site.  A search on one of those words -- using the Concordance or Perlfect Search -- will lead to a link to the URL at the "Word with You" site where the word is discussed.

At any given time, the version of the 'Word with You' list that is contained in this file may or may not be completely up-to-date.   For the latest version, go to the up-to-date list at the "Word with You" site.

Clicking on a letter in the following letter index will take you to the portion of the list containing terms starting with that letter:

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