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  • Lawler: Literacy: 1











  • Lawler: Ross Constraints: 1






















  • Garbl: religious affiliation: 1





























  • Lawler: The canonical paraphrase for will is be going to, idiosyncratically: 1




  • Lawler: He, she, they?: 1




















  • Garbl: reoccur: 1


  • Brians: reoccurring: 1
















  • Lawler: Tense and related topics: 2


  • Lawler: I can't say _____ really means I can't say ___ in a word. When I go: 1
  • Lawler: Toward(s) and Beside(s): 1



  • Garbl: repetitious: 1





















  • Brians: oppress/repres: 1




  • Lawler: English and Infinity: 1















  • Garbl: reproduce: 1
  • Lawler: Canadian and American Raising: 1











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